Student Journal Services

Welcome, Sturm College of Law journal editors and staff! The Law Library is pleased to offer special services for you. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about these services, email us at


  • Liaisons

    We have reinstated our journal liaison program, which means that every law review and law journal has a dedicated law librarian to work with for training, finding resources, and to provide assistance with research. Your liaison can provide training on how to navigate the library’s extensive electronic database offerings and eBook portals, including training on Westlaw, Lexis, and Bloomberg Law. The law librarians also provide assistance with Bluebook citation questions, locating hard-to-find resources, and finding the best resources for your research questions. 

    Liaisons for Journals

    Journal Name Liaison Liaison Email
    Denver Journal of International Law & Policy Karina Condra
    Denver Law Review Karina Condra
    Sports and Entertainment Law Journal Karina Condra
    Transportation Law Journal Marla Morris
    University of Denver Water Law Review Marla Morris


  • Digital Commons Repository

    The Law Library is working to create repositories for all DU Law journals. You can access your Digital Commons repository at If you have questions about your Digital Commons repository, would like materials uploaded on Digital Commons, or would like training on the dashboard to gather download statistics, please contact Prof. Karina Condra at

  • Borrowing and Library Carrels

    Since books obtained through interlibrary loan or Prospector can no longer be taken out of the library, we have set up specific carrels in the library for each of the journals. The carrels are located near the scanner in the southeast corner of the 2nd floor and will be marked with a reserved sign for your journal. Whenever you request and receive a book through interlibrary loan or using the Prospector system, the materials will be held at these carrels for your use solely in the library (they cannot be removed from the library). You have full and free access to a Bookeye scanner that you can use to scan materials and either email them to yourself or download them onto a USB/thumb drive. The carrels are for non-DU library books only. Any book borrowed from the Westminster Law Library, the main campus library (AAC), the Hampden Center, the Iliff Library, or the Music Library can be checked out and taken out of the library. The library has instituted a new fee and fine structure. Please note that all lost books will now incur a $400 fee.

  • Succession Planning

    Lastly, succession planning is an important part of how the law library can assist the journals, as it helps both you and us plan for the future. Please let us know at your earliest convenience who the incoming members of the journal’s editorial board are and who will be the designated representative you’re your journal for checking out DU library materials. This will enable us to contact the appropriate journal members about important issues that may arise with research materials and deadlines.

    We look forward to working with you this academic year! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions or need clarification about the services the library can provide.