Library History

Merger Meeting

The Westminster Law Library was named in honor of the Westminster College of Law following its merger with the University of Denver in 1957. The photo shows Dean Gordon Johnston (University of Denver) and Dean William Robinson (Westminster) reviewing the merger agreement between the two schools. The Westminster College of Law had a 45-year tradition of providing quality legal education to evening students in the Denver metropolitan area. The Westminster Law School (the name was changed to College of Law in 1956) was established in 1912 as part of the Westminster University of Colorado. During its tenure as an evening law program, Westminster graduated approximately 735 students, many of whom went on to become prominent lawyers, judges, and political figures.

The Library’s name change was part of an agreement worked out between the two schools during the merger. The Sturm College of Law is proud of this rich history and is pleased to carry on the Westminster tradition in its Evening Division, as well as in the Westminster Law Library.